DocSite information

A simple and effective ad hoc solution
Access to the service includes:

  1. the "wizard" for his compilation;
  2. annual hosting;
  3. search engine;
  4. periodic upgrades and updates;
  5. technical assistance;
  6. visibility kit.

  1. Wizard
    The wizard permits to create a basic version of web site going online.
    Then you can add new images, content, services for the patient to enrichwebsite.
    For updates, DSmedica will provide to users galleries of images, slide kits, articles, tools.
  2. Annual Hosting
    The first purchase includes hosting for one year (Internet bandwidth, space on servers, backup and data security protocols).
  3. Search Engine
    A service to optimize internet visibility.
  4. Periodic Services upgrades and updates
    Updates will be offered free to all the doctors who have purchased Docsite to customize graphic images, articles, documents, and new tools, and all the ways to install and publish them.
    The Docsite platform allows total customization of articles, pages and contents and for doctor is simple to enrich his website.
  5. Technical support
    DSMedigroup offer the assistance by contact center by phone or online.
  6. Visibility kit
    All physicians who purchase Docs can use free many services offered by DSnetwork such as: Drug Handbook, Tools for organizing and managing information of the study, guidelines, glossaries, etc..
    Users of methods and technologies developed by the group companies, will also have a privileged channel of communication and marketing in the Websites of the network.

How much
First year the acquisition cost of the service is 360,00 VAT included, for 13 months.
For subsequent years the cost will be 50.00 VAT included
The contract will be renewed not automatically. You must then sign the renewal each year.

How it works
Access to the service is reserved for Doctors, Dentists and Healthcare Professionals DSnetwork members.
Registration to DSnetwork is free and easy.
If you have already joined Dsnetwork, you must access by typing your password.
You can then fill out the request form and pay for the purchase of Docsite.

Within 12 hours you will receive in your inbox mail the personal credentials and operational guidelines for the service.
With the confirmation email will be sent the link and password to access the wizard to publish the site.

If you already have a promotional code, enter it in the space and you will have directly access to the wizard.

The wizard will assist you by explanatory notes, and the website may be modified and corrected up to the last page.
It will conclude by clicking on the last page, press "publish it."
So the site will be online directly.
To edit or update it, you will simply connect to the home page of the site www.dsnetwork, type your id and password and click on "run your own personal website."

All the contents of the site would be conforming to guidelines of the Code of Ethics Fnomceo.